Blue Eyes Live WebcamsTM

The most unique feature of Ocean Classrooms is Blue Eyes™. Blue Eyes™ are live underwater cameras and data acquisition devices that provide our students with a lens into the magical marine world, and are manufactured by Wild Goose Imaging in Boulder, Colorado. We aspire to bring students, engineers and scientists together to deploy these Blue Eyes™ in unique, diverse and fascinating marine ecosystems around the world. The virtual experiences and remote data collection opportunities help encourage our students to realize the importance of our marine ecosystems.

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The Ocean Classrooms Blue Eyes™ present an incredible opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience with CAD software modeling, marine policy, scientific process, electrical, mechanical and environmental engineering, software development, network systems, robotics, and solar and wind power engineering. The Blue Eyes™ combine our interactive and dynamic educational experience with research opportunities on various marine ecosystems without necessitating access to those environments. With the high-definition video feeds and multitude of data available to analyze and correlate, students are afforded the unique opportunity to be involved in scientific processes with a captivating inquiry-based learning experience. Our Blue Eyes™ provide a direct applied connection between the academic material presented in the Ocean Classrooms curriculum and the real world marine environment.

The integration of live, high-definition video, data collection and online accessibility allows students, scientists and conservationists the opportunity to utilize an unprecedented amount of real-time data for a wide variety of projects. Students will have to collaborate with scientists, engineers and peers to make each project successful.





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